Fulfilling the Promise of Peace: A conversation with local author and grassroots activist Sam Wazan

Sam Wazan draws on his life experiences as a survivor of life in a combat-zone during the Lebanese civil war, to talk about the prospects for intercultural understanding and peace in the modern world. Through excerpts from his novel and personal anecdotes,  Mr. Wazan will talk about what it is like to live in a society devastated by war between radicalized militant fundamentalists, offering insights into how normal citizens become ideologically radicalized, as well as how the courage to practice peace can show us a way out of these conflicts. Arguing that peace is not the opposite of war and that winning peace is not achieved on a battlefield, he instead proposes that the most formidable frontier for achieving peace is the family room. He makes a case for the necessity of intercultural and interfaith understanding as a way of fulfilling the promise of humanity. His objective is to motivate people to unsubscribe from the prejudicial terms that he sees as the causes of daily violence and crimes against humanity, and to instead be inspired by an outlook on life that emphasizes the harmony for all living beings.

Biography: Sam Wazan is a fifteen-year combat-zone survivor of the Lebanese civil war. He emigrated from Lebanon to the USA in 1989 to study and earned an MBA in 1995. After a successful career in business, which included his founding and later selling of an Information Technology services firm, he left corporate work in 2009 to write a novel inspired by his life— Trapped in Four Square Miles. In addition to running a consulting service (MindsRising, Inc.) and an educational outreach program (Parenting For Humanity), Mr. Wazan serves on the boards of Global Council at United Religions Initiative, the Charlotte Cooperation Circle, International House, and the United Nations International Day of Peace. For more information, please visit www.samwazan.com


Event Date: 
November 18, 2015 - 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
Macy 110
Eric Hoenes
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