Exploring Partnerships in China: From Charlotte to Xiangyang

March 2012

Upon invitation from the Carolina Asian American Chamber of Commerce, two staff members represented the Office of International Programs on an informational and exploratory visit to Xiangyang, China, in March. Dr. Jian Zhang, Associate Professor of Biology at UNC Charlotte also joined the group. Zhang is the past president and Board Chairman of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

The visit was arranged and funded on behalf of the Xiangyang city government to explore possible points of collaboration between governments, industries and universities in the Carolinas.

Diane Hancock, Support Services Coordinator, and Maureen White, Coordinator of International Initiatives, joined representatives from Charlotte government and private industry entities as well as colleagues from the College of Charleston for a three-day visit to the second-largest city in Hubei province. Hancock, White and Zhang explored opportunities for partnership with relevant departments of two institutions of higher education, Hubei University of Arts and Sciences and Xiangyang Technical and Vocational College.