Xiamen Student Enrollment Growth in College of Business

March 2012

Dr. Rick Conboy, Director of Global Business Studies and Associate Professor of Management in the Belk College of Business, is pictured here visiting with nine Xiamen University students in the summer of 2012. These students were enrolled in the College's early entry graduate programs for Fall 2012, which expands the College's relationship with Xiamen.  The College will enroll as many as 30 students from Xiamen in the M.S. Mathematical Finance program, a joint program with the Department of Mathematics for Fall 2012.  In 2011, the College enrolled 11 Xiamen students in the M.S. Finance program.

Eleven students from Xiamen University enrolled in the Mathematical Finance program in Fall 2011. One additional student is enrolled the Master of Accountancy program in the Belk College of Business. Eventually, the student cohort from Xiamen should number 25 to 30 per year.

The Xiamen students spend one year in a preparatory program at Xiamen University studying economics, finance, mathematics and English before completing their UNC Charlotte program in one calendar year. Many students seek internships when they complete their studies.

Xiamen University, located in Fujian province, is currently ranked 13th among top universities in the People’s Republic of China. The university offers 82 undergraduate programs, 219 graduate programs, and 134 Ph.D. programs. Xiamen’s Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE), which has a prominent role in the UNC Charlotte partnership, is a recent effort of the Ministry of Education of China and Xiamen University to build a first class research institute and to facilitate domestic and international research and academic exchanges. WISE hires many Western faculty to teach courses in English.

The M.S. in Mathematical Finance at UNC Charlotte is an interdisciplinary program, drawing from faculty in the Department of Mathematics in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the Department of Economics and Department of Finance in the Belk College of Business. See http://mathfinance.uncc.edu/xiamen-partnership for more information.

“The students in the Math Finance program were selected for their exceptional math skills and their interest in quantitative finance,” said Dr. Richard Conboy, director of global business studies in the Belk College of Business. “Xiamen is one of the top universities in China, so I expect them to perform very well in our rigorous graduate program.”

UNC Charlotte leaders are exploring opportunities to expand the partnership with Xiamen into other areas, including sending UNC Charlotte students to Xiamen to study.

The Xiamen exchange is part of a larger China Initiative at UNC Charlotte, which aims to promote interactive research between Chinese scholars and scholars at UNC Charlotte; provide student learning opportunities; and build and maintain connections involving North Carolina and Chinese governmental and private sector institutions.