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Our goal is to create a dynamic, fun, internationally-focused environment where we can learn about our world together. The Global Gateways Program began in Fall 2013, bringing together twenty-eight female students from the USA and various other countries to live together in the Global Gateways House, also referred to as House 9 of Greek Village. 

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Details about the program are provided below. Please contact the Office of International Programs at or 704.687.7755 if you have any questions about Global Gateways.

We are eager to answer your questions and hope you apply to join us!

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How to Apply

We are thrilled that you are interested in participating in the Global Gateways program! To apply to the program, you must complete the Global Gateways online application and the Housing and Residence Life application. Selected community members will be notified of their acceptance and room assignment.

Global Gateways Program Objective & Goals

The Global Gateways Program is a residential-based programming model designed to increase students’ self and cultural awareness with an international emphasis. The Gateways House offers a central location where students curious about different cultures, global issues, and our world can gather in a comfortable, inclusive, welcoming space.

Program participants earn points toward a Global Certificate, reflecting their commitment to strengthening their global-mindedness and cultural competence. Students do not receive academic credit for participation in the program. However, the program includes intellectually stimulating events and activities.

Global Gateways offers a complimentary co-curricular experience that enhances any academic discipline area. Gateways residents will participate in organized social and educational experiences to increase intercultural competence and global awareness. Types of programs include international cuisine cooking lessons, country-specific mini lectures/presentations, foreign film screenings, faculty fireside chats, volunteer options with the Charlotte international community, and more!

Through participation in the Global Gateways Program, students will:

  • Understand more about self as a cultural being
  • Strengthen one’s intercultural competence
  • Engage with the UNC Charlotte and the city of Charlotte international community
  • Practice conscientiously interacting within an intercultural environment
Residential Housing Facility: The Global Gateways House

(all-female, single room, independent house)

Rooms in the Global Gateways house are private rooms with full-size beds (slightly larger than a twin). Residents will either have a shared bathroom (with one other female) or a private bathroom. Each house has a large living/common room, kitchen for common use, on-site laundry, and a common outdoor space. More information, including floor plan images, is available on the Housing and Residence Life website.


UNC Charlotte female students and international female exchange students are eligible to apply.

Priority assignment is given to upper-class (e.g., sophomore year and above) students.

First-year students are able to submit applications with assignment pending space availability. Note: First year students enrolled in the International Enrichment Seminar course receive assignment preference. Details about the International Enrichment Seminar (UCOL 1200) are available here.

Students of all academic majors are encouraged to participate.

The hope is to offer housing to 14 international and 14 US domestic students to establish a culturally vibrant community.

Community Responsibility & Cultural Engagement Opportunities

All residents are leaders within the Gateways community. Residents are expected to be involved with the program and active in the aesthetic upkeep of the house. Community space upkeep includes shared responsibility of the public kitchen space, including cleaning one’s own dishes/pots after use and participating in a rotation schedule for weekly kitchen cleaning with a housemate. Details on the kitchen policy will be reviewed during the first house meeting after you arrive. Each person is encouraged to contribute her talents to making the environment a culturally-enriching experience.

In addition to attending the building programs, residents are invited to assist with various

Cultural Engagement Opportunities to create an exciting and dynamic global environment. Ideas regarding programs include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • International social engagement (e.g., international cuisine nights, women’s tea dialogue, karaoke, international games, etc.)
  • International academic engagement (e.g., foreign film nights, international speakers/panels, faculty dinners, etc.)
  • Internationally-related community service (e.g., refugee tutoring program, conversation hour w/ internationals, women’s shelter, etc.)
Membership Fee & Scholarships

Participation in the Global Gateways Program requires a programmatic administration fee of $150 per semester. However, US domestic residents joining the community for the 2015-2016 academic year will receive a $150 scholarship from The Office of International Programs prior to billing.

International members are also eligible to apply for a scholarship to help offset the cost of living in the Gateways House. Mini-scholarships are available to reduce the housing expenses to equate with the standard rate of a traditional residential room. Remember to note on your application if you wish to be considered for a mini scholarship.

Gateways Staff

In addition to the undergraduate student Resident Assistant who lives in the Global Gateways House, there are several staff members dedicated to making your experience a memorable one. Two Leading Committee Representative student leaders, employed by the Office of International Programs, also provide on-site leadership in the Global Gateways House. In the Office of International Programs (OIP), the OIP Assistant Director oversees the program and receives support from the OIP graduate assistant. Furthermore, the at-large staff team within OIP and Housing and Residence Life are committed to the program’s success.

Gateways Partners

The Global Gateways Program expands upon the 15 year tradition of partnership established by OIP through the International Student and Scholar Office and Housing and Residence Life through the Witherspoon International Floor. The Witherspoon International Floor continues to offer complimentary internationally-relevant programming.

Residents within Witherspoon International Floor are invited to engage with various Global Gateways Program events. Males and females are eligible to live in Witherspoon Hall. Details about the Witherspoon International Floor are available here.

 Witherspoon International floor/suite (co-ed floor, with single-sex suite)

Suites in Witherspoon Hall have two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living room. A kitchen is available on the second floor, and laundry and vending facilities are available on the first floor. More information is available here.

Witherspoon International floor/apartment (co-ed floor, with single-sex apartment)

Apartments in Witherspoon Hall have four private bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a storage closet, and a balcony (on the second and third floors). All utilities are included. Laundry and vending facilities are available on the first floor. More information is available here.

Photo Gallery

You can learn more about the Global Gateways House and get a feel for what it's like to live here by visiting our photo gallery.