Fulbright Program

FulbrightThe Fulbright Scholar Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and administered by the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES). The Program offers U.S. faculty, administrators and professionals grants to lecture, conduct research in a wide variety of academic and professional fields, or to participate in seminars.

The UNC Charlotte community celebrates the Fulbright-related activity of faculty, staff, and students with the Office of Education Abroad (student) and the Office of International Programs (faculty/staff). In conjunction with the Graduate School, we also maintain a list of international students studying at UNC Charlotte on Fulbright Scholarships.

The Office of International Programs (OIP) maintains a database log of all recent or former faculty and staff Fulbright recipients. If you are a Fulbright alumnus of a faculty/staff award who is new to UNC Charlotte and wish to be added to our records, please contact OIP at international@uncc.edu so we can add you to our list of UNC Charlotte Fulbright alumni.

OIP is pleased to offer support to any faculty or administrator interested in pursuing international exchange opportunities including the Fulbright programs, reciprocal department exchanges, and exchanges based on agreements between UNC Charlotte and foreign institutions of higher learning.

For more information on these resources contact OIP at international@uncc.edu or 704-687-7755 to request a meeting with the Assistant Provost for International Programs.

UNC Charlotte Faculty Fulbright Scholars

World Map - Fulbright Scholars
[Countries in gold are UNC Charlotte Fulbright Scholar program countries.]

First Name Last Name Department University of Fulbright Assignment Country Year
Judy Aulette Sociology/Anthropology Adam Mickiewicz University Poland 1995
Judy Aulette Sociology University of the Western Cape South Africa 2004
Ruth Ben-Ghiat History   Italy 1993
William Bowman History University of Vienna Austria 1993
Bill Brandon Political Science Oman Medical College Oman 2008
Susan Cernyak-Spatz Language and Literature Teachers College of Ludwigsburg Germany 1993
Shenen Chen Engineering National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli India 2015
Harish Cherukuri Mechanical Eng. and Eng. Science Institute of Science in Bangalore India 2006
Harischandra Cherukuri Engineering Indian Institute of Science India 2011
Carlos  Coria-Sanchez Languages and Culture Studies University of Xalapa Mexico 2008
Jerry Davila  History Pontificia Universidade Catholica Brazil 2001
Kathleen Donohue History University of Jena Germany 1997
James Douglas Political Science & Public Administration Tallinn University of Technology Estonia 2014
Denise Dwight Smith Career Center German American Fulbright Commision Germany 2006
Michael Eldridge Philosophy University of Sveged Hungary 2000
Nabil Elias Accounting University of Minnesota USA 1963
Gary Ferraro Sociology/Anthropology Masaryk University Czech Republic 1999
Alan Freitag Communication PoznaƄ University of Economics Poland 2012
Alan Freitag Communications Poznan University of Economics Poland 2016
Owen Furuseth Geography University of Auckland New Zealand 1993
Gary Gehrig Engineering Polytechnic of Namibia Namibia 2017
Maja Godlewska Art & Art History Wroclaw Academy of Art and Design Poland 2012
David Goldfield History University of Uppsala Sweden  
Lesley Harris Education German American Fulbright Commision Berlin 2017
Christine Haynes History University of Strasbourg France 2014
Angela Herren Art Ibero-americana University Mexico 2008
Robert Hornaday Business Adminstration Nankai University China 1996
Sybil Huskey Dance and Theatre Dunedin College of Education New Zealand 1997
David Johnson History Regent's University London United Kingdom 2016
Lyman Johnson History       
Suzanne Lamorey Education Lady Irwin College India 2014
Janet Levy Anthropology Oulu University Finland 1994
Caroline Linse Applied Linguistics/TEFL Minsk State Linguistics University Belarus  2001
Vivian Lord Criminal Justice & Criminology  University of Madras India 2013
Barbara Mattingly English Language Training Institute      
Martha Miller Languages and Culture Studies Federal University of Pernambuco  Brazil 2009
Nkomo Mokubung Education University of the Witwatersrand South Africa 1991
Tanure Ojaide African American/Africana Studies University of Maiduguri Nigeria 1999
Tanure Ojaide Africana Studies University of Abuja Nigeria 2013
Jordan Poler Chemistry Southern Federal University Russia 2014
Daniel Rabinovich Chemistry Catholic University of Peru Peru 2007
Thomas Roger History Federal University of Pernambuco  Brazil 2009
Spenser Salas Middle, Secondary, and K-12 Molteno Institute for Language and Literacy  South Africa 2009
Spencer Salas Middle, Secondary, and K-12 Molteno Institute for Language and Literacy South Africa 2013
Christina Sanchez International Programs German American Fulbright Commision Germany 2002
Christina Sanchez International Programs United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) India 2015
Douglas S. Shafer Mathematics University of Hasselt in Diepenbeck Belgium 1986
John Sommer The Policy House/Geography   New Zealand 1995
Rosemary Traore Middle, Secondary, and K-12 University of Bamako Mali 2008
Sheng-Guo Wang Engineering Hong Kong Polytechnic Hong Kong 2017
Beth Whitaker Political Science United States Int'l University Kenya 2001
Joseph Whitmeyer Sociology Jawaharlal Nehru University India 2017
Jy Wu Engineering Asian Institute of Technology Thailand 1997
Maria Yon Reading and Elem. Education Fulbright Exchange Teacher U.K. 1977
Paul Youngman Languages and Culture Studies University of Hamburg Germany 2008



Fulbright Graduate International Students at UNC Charlotte

Name Home Country Year
Maram Al Bastaki Bahrain 2010
Dirk Feldrappe Germany 2010
Yudo Anggoro Indonesia 2010
Irene Angbing Ghana 2011
Hanne Duindam   The Netherlands 2011
Alexander Rani Suryandono     Indonesia 2011
Nina Bijedic Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012
Nahida Begum Khudadad Pakistan 2012
Elrica Michelange Metayer Haiti 2012
Soumana Tahirou Niger 2012
Mauricio Quinones Dominguez Colombia 2013
James Coleman France 2014
Celia Karp Ecuador 2014
Caitlin Vaverek Nepal 2014
Austin Halbert Sweden 2015
Esra Alshammari Bahrain 2017
Karim Erian Egypt 2017
Desiree Bataba Togo 2018