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International Travel Grant Application

Application Criteria

  • Travel must be to a destination outside the United States
  • Only tenured or tenure-track faculty members are eligible to apply for these funds.
  • Priority is given to trips that have the following objectives:
    • Advancing internationalization at the college or university level
    • Exploratory trips to develop faculty-led study abroad programs or other global learning opportunities for students (e.g., student exchange agreements)
    • Strengthening collaboration with an existing international partner
    • Developing new faculty research collaborations and exchanges
    • Conference participation (e.g., invited presentations and papers, program chair and panelist, keynotes addresses, etc.)
    • Invited lecturing and research presentations
  • The Office of International Programs will fund international travel requests as they are received. Grants will cover only a portion of the funding needed, with the intent to maximize the number of faculty members who travel abroad.
  • Requests from faculty members who received travel funds during the previous academic year will be given a lower priority than first-time requests. Similarly, second requests during an academic year will be given a lower priority than requests from faculty who have not been funded during that academic year. It is also our general policy to deny requests for a third consecutive travel grant in three consecutive years.
  • Special consideration in the form of additional funding is available for trips and projects that are designed to advance college or university internationalization. Applicants pursuing these goals should schedule an appointment with the Assistant Provost for International Programs to discuss the purpose, scope, and available resources for such projects.

Should you have any questions, please contact:
Kathy Lloyd
International Programs
CHHS Building, Room 213